A view inside and outside the damaged home of Daniel Van Sickle on March 2 in Venice, Fla. (Thomas Simonetti for The Washington Post)

The March 12 front page told stark stories of who are the winners and losers in the United States. I am alarmed at the different ways that insurers are dealing with two different crises.

While the federal government was considering bailing out all those companies and individuals who might stand to lose millions with the failure of Silicon Valley Bank [“Bailout debated in bank collapse”], which it now has said it will, in Florida, perhaps thousands of individual homeowners are being stiffed by private insurance companies that are balking at equitably compensating those they insured for damages caused by Hurricane Ian [“After hurricane Ian, insurers cut payouts for Fla. residents”].

Again, the rich are saved while the poor are fed to the sharks. I am ashamed to see this blatant inequity and injustice. Are we to accept this as what the United States has become?

Eugene Buck, Reston