A pair of in-the-ear hearing aids. (Shuran Huang for The Washington Post)

I read Sandra G. Boodman’s March 21 Medical Mysteries column, “‘I was getting desperate,’” and was astounded to find what might be the answer to my lifelong inherited, low-frequency hearing loss — now, at my age of 70.

This article was well researched, with a perspective that a lifetime of my ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors missed. They know nothing about it, not even the PhD-credentialed audiologists — who fooled me into purchasing a set of hearing aids for $4,000 (at age 57) — knowing full well that they would not help low-frequency hearing loss. This article even explained a procedure that can fix the problem — a doctor in Philadelphia!

Attention has not been given to low-frequency hearing loss because it is so rare. But for those of us who have it, it’s been a lifetime of struggle. I have trouble with men’s voices — and my bosses were usually men. All the experiences that Marlene Schultz, the subject of the article, suffered were mine, too.

Christine Sihag, North Bethesda