Regarding Vincent Schiraldi and Bruce Western’s Oct. 4 Sunday Opinion commentary, “Time to raise the juvenile age limit”:

The authors suggested that 18 is too young for those who break the law to be treated as adults, saying “the brain doesn’t finish developing until the mid-20s,” that young adults are “more similar to adolescents than fully mature adults” and that they “are more susceptible to peer pressure [and] less future-oriented.”

Sounds like a perfect argument for raising the age at which citizens can vote. People who choose our nation’s leaders need to be held responsible in other areas as well. But the extended adolescence about which the authors wrote appears true for most of our young adults, with the exception of those who enter the military, where they are forced to grow up fast. A military identification should be license to buy a beer and to register to vote. We should change our laws so that all others are treated as extended adolescents in all regards until age 21.

Stephen Weisel, Burke