(Joseph Prezioso/AFP/Getty Images)
(Joseph Prezioso/AFP/Getty Images)
Guest Opinion

Abbott CEO: We’re sorry about the formula shortage. Here’s what we’re doing to fix it.

The closed plant is on track to open the first week of June. By the end of June, we will be supplying more formula to Americans than we were in January before the recall.
  • 2 days ago
Guest Opinion

It’s been two years and Black people still can’t breathe

The most important measure of progress in police reform is security — the chance to peacefully go about our lives. Black people still don’t have it.
  • Oct 28, 2020

On Taiwan, Biden gets less ambiguous and more strategic

Biden said he'd be willing to defend Taiwan from China. His aides worked to clarify his remark. Gaffe or strategy?
  • 7 hours ago

Netflix is showing the limits of ‘woke capital’

It seems social justice is becoming too costly for many companies.

After Roe, conservative legal tactics will aim for structural reform

Watch for the next target to be the runaway administrative state, not gay marriage or contraception, as some fear.

Biden seeks a new opening in a rattled Asia

Russia's invasion of Ukraine and China's woes offer the United States an opportunity in the region.

Biden has the means to reduce inflation. Why isn’t he acting?

The repeal of most or all of former president Donald Trump’s tariffs would be the single most effective way of reducing inflation in the near future.

Too many Americans are still in covid denial

After 1 million covid deaths, it must be asked: Is the United States prepared for any crisis requiring communal action?
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Local governments shouldn’t be allowed to ticket their way to wealth

Too many municipalities rely on "taxation by citation," preying on the public for fines and fees to enrich local budgets.
  • 3 days ago

We’re ignoring a major culprit behind the teen mental health crisis

Teens are struggling for a host of reasons. One simple way to help? Fix their sleep.
  • 3 days ago

This is not the time to change how we talk about abortion

Earth to Democrats: Purity tests will not save the right to an abortion
  • 4 days ago

Disturbing, even inaccurate, speech must be protected

When we are “protected” from challenges to what we think we know, our intellects stagnate in the bubble of agreed beliefs and assumed facts.
  • 4 days ago

Requiring fixed, binary sex on birth certificates erases real Oklahomans

What should a birth certificate convey — the gender doctors see at birth or people's actual identity?
  • 5 days ago

Overturning Roe would be disastrous for the U.S. military

Take it from a woman who survived rape in the military: The U.S. must ensure that service members can access abortion care.
  • 5 days ago
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The Post endorses Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District’s first line of defense

We urge voters to again return Ms. Norton to the House.

The Post endorses Tom Perez in Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial primary

In a Democratic gubernatorial primary field with an array of able candidates, Tom Perez is heads and shoulders above his rivals in experience and achievements.

Finally, some recompense to survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre

Survivors of the massacre and their descendants were never compensated by the city or state for all that they lost.

Biden’s risky outreach to Saudi Arabia’s crown prince

Mr. Biden may be about to give MBS the face-to-face recognition he craves.
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Three things to watch in Virginia

Keep an eye on the 1st Congressional District race, the redistricting lawsuit and the state budget. Each has the potential to deliver a big shock to Virginia’s political system.

Political change doesn’t happen outside people’s homes

Protests and marches at public buildings and in public squares have been effective in moving legislative and policy priorities forward in our nation for nearly 250 years.
  • May 16

The leaked abortion opinion could lift Virginia Democrats

Roe’s impending reversal now has Democrats and abortion-rights advocates on a war footing for the midterms.

Montpelier: A model for reconciliation in peak polarization

Parity offers the public a chance to experience an expansive common history rooted in the “whole truth” of our founding history.
  • May 16
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Danyel Smith’s ‘Very Personal History’ gives Black women of pop music their due

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