There should be no impunity for Russia’s slaughter of POWs

There must be a full investigation and accountability for the perpetrators, or else international law will become another casualty of Mr. Putin’s war.
  • Oct 28, 2020

I just want this bill to have some fun (and help the rich avoid taxes)!

Sometimes you see a bill and you see how hard that bill is working to do good.

What do we do when air conditioning is a matter of life and death?

It's a classic dilemma: The hotter the planet gets, the more we need AC; the more we use AC, the hotter the planet gets.

At rising crime’s core: An absence of hope

Two years ago the Bowser administration crafted a plan to address gun violence. Things have only gotten worse since.

Just when you thought Josh Hawley couldn’t stoop any lower …

The Missouri senator’s dissenting vote on NATO expansion shows how little he cares about, or understands, the stakes.

Why Kansas’s abortion vote doesn’t spell doom for Republicans

California's 1978 vote for Prop. 13 suggests Democrats should curb their enthusiasm.

Republicans are coming after Social Security. Democrats, take note.

The GOP is handing Democrats an issue almost as politically potent as abortion rights in the midterm elections.
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Tennis needs to take a stand on domestic violence accusations

Tennis’s governing body and mainstream tennis media haven’t done enough to address allegations against stars, including Nick Kyrgios and Alexander Zverev.
  • 5 days ago

Nancy Pelosi: Why I’m leading a congressional delegation to Taiwan

America must stand by Taiwan, which is an island of resilience.
  • 6 days ago

A promise Joe Biden should break

He should remove Joseph Cuffari, whose failures as Department of Homeland Security inspector general extend far beyond the missing Secret Service text messages.
  • 6 days ago

What $50 billion in taxpayer aid for airlines did not fix

In most consumer businesses, innovation improves the customers’ lives. In the airline business, innovation often means something else.
  • 6 days ago

The Electoral Count Act must be fixed. A new proposal doesn’t go far enough.

Senators have come up with a good proposal to fix the 1887 Electoral Count Act, but it falls short in some key areas.
  • Aug 1
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As Russia waffles on the space station, NASA should think ahead

Russia's caginess reinforces the importance of planning ahead: for continuing operations of the aging space station without Russian involvement, and for investment in the space projects that come next.

The U.S. disaster relief system was not built for our new climate

With extreme weather events occurring more frequently and intensely, the current disaster recovery framework is not equipped to handle the rising need.

As Haiti sinks into pandemonium, the international community is silent

The Western hemisphere's poorest country is seized by gang violence and a humanitarian meltdown. The world's callous disregard is an affront to decency.
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We should help the immigrants at Union Station

The lack of federal and D.C. funds to help these destitute people is startling.
  • Jul 29

We don’t want any missed flags in Virginia

Our state government and state law enforcement must work with localities and local law enforcement to make sure Virginians know about the lifesaving red-flag law.
  • Jul 29

The devastating Chesapeake blue crab collapse

High prices and lax enforcement got us to this nadir.
  • Jul 29

Youngkin’s culture wars are good for him but bad for Virginia business

As CNBC’s business rankings highlight, leadership that makes Virginia a less welcoming place for workers makes it less welcoming to business, too.
  • Jul 28
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Heather McGhee on how to move past racist ‘zero sum politics’ and prosper together


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An intimate film about the growing crisis of Americans held hostage abroad that follows one family's desperate effort to free their loved one from being a geopolitical pawn.

How Cuba’s investment in writers and artists came back to haunt its regime

In Cuba, hundreds of innocent people are in prison because they dared to demand freedom. Exiles are still fighting from abroad.
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