Surveying the murky 2024 Democratic field

What could happen in 2024 if Biden steps aside.

Watch for a return of the ignominious Disinformation Governance Board

After the 10-thumbed debut of this boneheaded idea, the DGB was "paused." That way, the Biden administration can feign deliberation while plotting its resurrection.

A scientist’s inconvenient truths about decarbonizing the economy

A new book attempts to steer climate debate between what author Vaclav Smil considers equally unproductive extremes of “catastrophism” and “techno-optimism.”

Is this how the Bush dynasty ends?

A 70-year-old political dynasty finally hits the skids.

As Trump loses kingmaker status, he becomes more dangerous

Just how dark can “Dark MAGA” get?

Democrats are facing a ticking time bomb on health-care costs

Millions of Americans will see their health insurance costs skyrocket unless Democrats act to extend subsidies.
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It’s been two years and Black people still can’t breathe

The most important measure of progress in police reform is security — the chance to peacefully go about our lives. Black people still don’t have it.
  • 2 days ago

Abbott CEO: We’re sorry about the formula shortage. Here’s what we’re doing to fix it.

The closed plant is on track to open the first week of June. By the end of June, we will be supplying more formula to Americans than we were in January before the recall.
  • 4 days ago

Crypto is a solution in search of a problem

Crypto is dropping like a rock. Here's why that's a good thing.
  • 5 days ago

I glued my hand to a Starbucks counter. Here’s why.

It's time to end the upcharge for vegan milks.
  • 5 days ago

Local governments shouldn’t be allowed to ticket their way to wealth

Too many municipalities rely on "taxation by citation," preying on the public for fines and fees to enrich local budgets.
  • 6 days ago

We’re ignoring a major culprit behind the teen mental health crisis

Teens are struggling for a host of reasons. One simple way to help? Fix their sleep.
  • 6 days ago
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Virginia learned the hard way that lower standards don’t benefit students

A damning report documents a years-long trend of declining student performance and glaring racial, ethnic and income achievement gaps.

The Disinformation Governance Board’s collapse showcases the problem

Amid the legitimate criticisms arose a focused, aggressive right-wing effort to mislead citizens about the board’s role.

To free Cuba, global solidarity is more important than U.S. policy

The Biden administration is once again tweaking U.S. rules about economic interaction with Communist Cuba. All sides in the debate need to focus on the real issue: the will to power of the island's dictators.

Putin is starving millions of people around the world

With global food prices at an all-time high, 276 million people are now “food insecure” — more than double the number from 2019.
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Maryland’s new abortion law leads the way for pro-choice states

Our vision was to use this unwanted opportunity to improve women’s health outcomes.
  • 5 days ago

New Virginia law bans police arrest and ticket quotas

When politics have become so bitterly divisive (especially surrounding policing), the ban on arrest and ticket quotas was refreshingly bipartisan.
  • 5 days ago

In Maryland, we’re defending the humanity of immigrants

But a federally sanctioned local immigration enforcement scheme creates fear among the immigrant community.
  • May 18

Three things to watch in Virginia

Keep an eye on the 1st Congressional District race, the redistricting lawsuit and the state budget. Each has the potential to deliver a big shock to Virginia’s political system.
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The ‘constant barrage of tragedy’ shaping Black America


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