(Ellen Weinstein for The Washington Post)
(Ellen Weinstein for The Washington Post)
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My father refused to be a refugee. I turned him into one. I’m remembering his garden.

We are the departed, our home blanketed in night, and in my father’s garden flowers are opening, untended and unseen.
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The Post Editorial Board endorses Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor

The Virginia Democrat was an excellent governor the first time around. He’s easily the best choice this year.
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I thought it was an anti-mask protest. I was wrong.

I was on Interstate 70, growing furious in heavy traffic. Until I got what was happening.
  • 15 hours ago

The secret to a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan? Educated girls.


California’s recall election confirmed everything that is wrong with today’s Republican Party

The GOP seems willing to do whatever it takes to win, with the exception of putting forward a set of palatable ideas that might make more people vote for Republicans.

AOC accomplished her Met Gala mission. But performative social justice is still a problem.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has real — and earned — power and privilege. She doesn't need to participate in celebrity activism to bring about change.

National Democrats would be foolish to read much into the California recall victory

California's recall election does not offer a template that can be easily replicated in the battlegrounds that will decide control of Congress.

California’s recall election makes it abundantly clear: Trump is lying about election fraud

If there were fraud, it would have been easy to spot in California.

Joe Manchin repeats a dangerous myth about government benefits and work

It’s not true that increased benefits make people lazy. In fact, data shows the opposite.

Latinos showed up for Newsom, but some Latino men tilted right. Democrats need to pay attention.

According to exit polls, 58 percent of Latinos rejected the recall, a solid majority, but still six percentage points less than voted for Newsom's election in 2018.
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Covid-19 vaccines are a safety issue. Unions can help make mandates fair and efficient.

Safety has always been a core union goal. The covid-19 pandemic is no different.
  • 2 days ago

Teachers are at a breaking point over covid. Ease up on them.

We can get through this, but let's do it holding hands, not pitchforks.
  • 2 days ago

Democrats should finally close the carried interest loophole for the wealthy

Why continue to maintain a tax provision that allows immensely rich fund managers to pay lower tax rates than ordinary workers?
  • 2 days ago

How to lessen suffering after the worst hurricanes? Outfit restaurants with solar panels and batteries.

A New Orleans initiative aims to keep the power on, and people fed, even in the worst storms.
  • 2 days ago

I was supposed to have life-saving surgery. Tennessee’s covid-19 surge cost me a hospital bed.

I've done everything I could to keep other people from harm. What will it take to get people who refuse vaccines and masks to do the same for the rest of us?
  • 2 days ago

In my community, Biden’s vaccine mandates could put more lives at risk

In Tillamook, Ore., the pandemic rages out of control. But the response from state and federal governments poses unintended dangers for rural communities like ours.
  • 3 days ago
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The perils that the book ‘Peril’ reveals should be investigated by Congress

There are many ways to destroy a constitutional democracy.

Haiti’s prime minister is stonewalling and obstructing the investigation into the president’s assassination

Prime Minister Ariel Henry owes his country some answers. Why is he silent?

Top Democrats propose some large tax hikes. But they still have far to go to fund their big plans.

They argue that the economic growth their bill spurs would fill the gap.

Ron DeSantis reaches a new low of cynicism and recklessness

Gov. Ron DeSantis is against mask and vaccine mandates, but stands by as false claims about life-saving measures are spread.
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D.C.'s reaction to violent crime sends a troubling message

Residents close to the grim reality on the ground are increasingly fed up with anti-police policies.
  • 6 days ago

The maglev train in Maryland would hurt minority communities and the environment. It should be stopped.

A private business should not own our region's transit systems.
  • 6 days ago

Virginia’s candidates tussle with abortion rights, thanks to Texas

Even the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor says a Texas-style abortion bill wouldn't pass in Virginia. But they're still talking about it.

Virginia is proud to be the new home for many of our Afghan allies

To uphold the ideals of peace, liberty and freedom upon which this country was founded, we must welcome Afghan refugees.
  • Sep 7
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'The monuments were murder'


The secret to a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan? Educated girls.


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(Ray Whitehouse, Emefa Addo Agawu, Kate Woodsome/The Washington Post)
Crime doesn't have to shape low-income neighborhoods. Fixing blight will help.
Crime doesn't have to shape low-income neighborhoods. Fixing blight will help.
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Police are facing a crisis of legitimacy. This is what is needed to resolve it.
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Mental illness is not a crime. Police should not respond like it is.
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Police do not stop cycles of violence. Communities do.
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