The goodness of Bob Dole

The melancholy dimension of his life was not that he failed to attain the presidency, for which he was not well-suited, but that in 1996 in quest of it, he left the Senate he loved and where he excelled.
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When parents enable gun massacres, they should be locked up, too

Michigan prosecutor Karen D. McDonald sent a much-needed message that adults who — either negligently or knowingly — enable gun-fueled rampages will be held accountable.
  • Oct 28, 2020

Overruling ‘Roe’ likely wouldn’t generate the female backlash that feminists expect

There’s no real data to back up those assumptions.

The pandemic might be producing juries that are more likely to convict

How the politics of covid-19 is leading to more law-and-order jurors.

The radicalization of the Supreme Court

Ruth Marcus, The Post's deputy editorial page editor, offers insight into the challenge to Roe v. Wade and explains how a conservative "rule of six" is poised to reshape the nation.

Rich countries are to blame for omicron

Nationalistic policies toward the pandemic are now revealing their costs

What CIA officers thought of the presidents they briefed

A revealing agency study contains some zingers about how our leaders behave within veil of secrecy

Congress needs to act on Xi Jinping’s genocide now

Economic reasons at home are no reason to slow passage of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.
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Did the conservative legal movement succeed? That all depends on whether the Supreme Court overrules Roe v. Wade.

For four decades, conservatives have been pressing to interpret the Constitution based on the language of the Framers and stop judges from inventing constitutional rights. Now, with six conservative justices, is the moment of truth.
  • 6 days ago

Economists can tell you that restricting abortion access restricts women’s lives

Opponents told the Supreme Court there's no causal link between abortion access and women’s lives. That's false.
  • 6 days ago

How the U.S. Space Force is trying to bring order to increasingly messy outer space

When Russia and China blow up their own satellites, they're not only testing potentially aggressive weapons — they're also creating space debris that endangers all space exploration and travel.
  • 6 days ago

Mississippi attorney general: Overturning ‘Roe’ will return abortion policy to the people

The 1973 decision put policymaking on the right to terminate a pregnancy in the hands of the court. That choice should be made by popularly elected officials.
  • Nov 28

If first-graders are old enough to use racial slurs, they’re not ‘too young’ to learn about racism

We’re lying to ourselves if we contend that keeping discussions about race out of the classroom will protect our children.
  • Nov 26
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This innocent man spent 43 years in prison. He will get zip from the state that fought his release.

Missouri's heartless justice systems won't pay Kevin Strickland a penny after stealing half his life.

Donald Trump: Superspreader in chief

Trump kept secret his positive covid test in 2020. He endangered others.
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The Virginia GOP’s focus on education policy worked. It may be issue No. 1 in the midterms.

High-profile clashes on socially charged issues have landed some state school board meetings in national network newscasts.

On environmental justice, the Mountain Valley Pipeline is an old story

It wouldn’t just worsen air quality; it also would contribute to climate change.
  • Nov 26

Fixing Baltimore’s schools: A model

Two education experts explain a few simple steps that could improve failing schools.
  • Nov 26

D.C. should change the law to recognize Black children’s lifetime potential

The reliance on race and ethnicity in damage awards creates a perverted incentive for corporations to locate their toxic plants in low-income neighborhoods where Black people live, because it reduces their liability if people get hurt.
  • Nov 26
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Michael J. Fox gets personal about Parkinson's


The radicalization of the Supreme Court


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Crime doesn't have to shape low-income neighborhoods. Fixing blight will help.
Crime doesn't have to shape low-income neighborhoods. Fixing blight will help.
Play Video 2:59
Police are facing a crisis of legitimacy. This is what is needed to resolve it.
Play Video 3:34
Mental illness is not a crime. Police should not respond like it is.
Play Video 4:12
Police do not stop cycles of violence. Communities do.
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