(Rob Dobi for The Washington Post)
(Rob Dobi for The Washington Post)
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Sharing the Wealth

Narrowing the U.S. wealth gap is important. Narrowing the racial wealth gap is urgent.

Government support for building a middle class mostly bypassed people of African descent — who were deliberately, if often implicitly, denied the benefits.

Ron Popeil was an incomparable huckster — but wait! There’s more!

From Veg-O-Matic to Pocket Fisherman, Ron Popeil sold us stuff we never thought of needing.

Require the vaccine. It’s time to stop coddling the reckless.

The more inconvenient we make life for the unvaccinated the better our own lives will be. More important, the fewer who will needlessly die.

Democrats want police protection for themselves, not for the rest of us

Americans who can't afford private security like politicians are getting want police back on the streets.

The Senate still remembers how to legislate. Who knew?

It's a clumsy and awkward process. But it always has been.

The CDC needs to make clear: The problem is the unvaccinated

The agency's new guidance on masking is right. But its messaging remains muddled.

The epic of Gilgamesh at Hobby Lobby

Praise to the DOJ!

On Jan. 6, an immigrant Capitol Police officer showed Trump and insurrectionists what patriotism is

The testimony of Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell was an antidote to xenophobia.
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I judged Simone Biles harshly. Here’s why I was wrong.

Initially, I thought she was letting down her gymnastics team and her country. Now I see her side — and the historic sacrifice she’s making.
  • 2 days ago

The Biden administration is responsible for the waste of 100,000 green cards

And almost no one is talking about it.
  • 2 days ago

Medical marijuana saved me and other veterans. Why does the military punish us for it?

I never thought that using an alternative medical treatment would put the biggest opportunity of my career in jeopardy, but that’s exactly what happened.
  • 3 days ago

A filibuster reform that could lead to more compromise and less obstruction

Leave the filibuster rules in place. But carve out an exception for "major bills" — after amendments are fully debated.
  • 3 days ago

Norman Lear: As I begin my 100th year, I’m baffled that voting rights are still under attack

Racial and religious nationalism, nativism and authoritarianism are seemingly on the rise everywhere. It is deeply discouraging to this member of what has been called “the Greatest Generation.”
  • 3 days ago
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A Washington-region traffic Armageddon has been averted. For now.

Critics, indifferent to mounting traffic, plan more obstruction.

The Justice Department sends the right message on the Jan. 6 insurrection

The refusal to defend a congressman accused of inciting the riot bodes well for accountability — and ill for former president Donald Trump.

Mask up (again) and get vaccinated. Now is not the time to let up against covid.

The minor inconvenience of a face mask and the prick of the vaccine needle are a small price to pay for the long-term health and safety of all.

Cubans spoke. Then they were sent to prison.

The regime fears its own people — what they say in the streets and what they see on their screens.
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D.C. won’t lose residents because of a modest tax increase on the wealthy

Decades of data show that people don't uproot their lives for what amounts to pocket change.
  • 2 days ago

Unless Biden intervenes, people will needlessly be sent back to prison

People have started to rebuild their lives under home supervision. Sending them back to prison will do only harm.

Why D.C.’s high-profile shootings are such a huge problem

Mayor Bowser must make addressing crime her No. 1 priority — before it's too late.

Karen Hastie Williams was a trailblazer and a voice to remember

She upheld her family legacy while creating her own.
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Texas state Rep. Senfronia Thompson explains why she joined the Austin walkout


Why employers should do away with college degree requirements


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Crime doesn't have to shape low-income neighborhoods. Fixing blight will help.
Crime doesn't have to shape low-income neighborhoods. Fixing blight will help.
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Police are facing a crisis of legitimacy. This is what is needed to resolve it.
Play Video 3:34
Mental illness is not a crime. Police should not respond like it is.
Play Video 4:12
Police do not stop cycles of violence. Communities do.
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