Mischaracterizing Rowling’s fiction or “Cuties” to build a case against them is the quickest way for opponents of these works to discredit themselves.
Guest Opinion
The criminal justice system failed Black people yet again.
  • 15 hours ago
I started banking with Wells Fargo when I was a teenager. CEO Charlie Scharf's excuses for the company's lack of diversity in hiring are the final straw.
Trump just made clear he will hold on to power by any means necessary.
The debate over court packing could drive many reluctant Trump voters back into the president’s camp.
Don’t let conservatives set the terms of the Supreme Court debate.
After months and months in which to do better, we still have only a fraction of the testing we need.
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Progressives supporting abolition of the filibuster must ask themselves whether they would support doing so if President Trump were reelected and Republicans kept control of the Senate.
  • 1 day ago
We asked Post readers to share stories about the wildfires engulfing the western United States. Here's what they said.
  • 1 day ago
We need a new set of reforms to restore Americans’ faith in government.
  • 1 day ago
People from around the world recorded voice messages sharing intimate details of how their home, or definition of it, has changed in the coronavirus pandemic.
Pharmaceutical companies seem to be rushing vaccine candidates to market. We can and should demand better.
  • 2 days ago
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A series of editorials on the damage President Trump has caused — and the danger he would pose in a second term.
But one part of Mr. Trump’s toxic legacy will likely persist: his degradation of truth as a common currency in public life.
Even U.S. allies repudiate the administration’s latest move on Iran.
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The commonwealth isn't a swing state anymore.
The Senate should confirm Roderick Young now.
  • Sep 15
TJ parents want to continue the school’s race-blind, merit-based admissions.
  • Sep 11
There is no reform more fundamental than giving defendants a choice over jury sentencing.
  • Sep 11
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Bob Costas, Kenny Stills: The NFL's patriotism was cynical. The national anthem protests were not.
Bob Costas, Kenny Stills: The NFL's patriotism was cynical. The national anthem protests were not.
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Opinion | QAnon and racism are fueling more than U.S. politics. Germany should know.
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Opinion | Covid-19 exposed how essential health workers are. Elder care is just as important.
Play Video 5:36
Opinion | Adult children are caring for an aging America. Value them like the workforce they are.
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