(Illustration by Anthony Gerace for The Washington Post; photo by Getty Images)
(Illustration by Anthony Gerace for The Washington Post; photo by Getty Images)
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Our constitutional crisis is already here

Trump’s charges of fraud in 2020 are not about looking back, as many Republicans insist. They are about establishing the predicate to challenge future election results more effectively.
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Biden isn’t proposing a vaccine mandate. He’s giving people a vaccine choice.

Words matter, and adopting the language of mandates feeds into a larger, dispiriting tendency to pathologize ordinary policymaking.
  • 1 day ago

The Mississippi bait-and-switch on abortion

"Roe v. Wade" hangs by a fraying thread.

Republicans prove they never really wanted police reform. They’re on the wrong side of history.

Sen. Tim Scott ducked out of the most important changes the Senate could have made.

Sally Rooney’s surprising read of the shifting millennial zeitgeist

The author's latest novel redefines the old-fashioned search for meaning.

Bill Gates on fighting covid globally: Expect long campaigns in difficult territory

Outbreak prevention should be the goal, Gates says — as in the battle against polio.

Yes, Congress should make women eligible for the draft

Women have shown that they can perform most military tasks admirably.

This historical reference should alarm all Americans

Whatever you believe about whether Milley overreached in his efforts to ensure a peaceful transfer of power, you should heed the Army general’s perspective on the Trump presidency, as described in “Peril,” the new book by The Post’s Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

A win for white power at a school board meeting in Grapevine, Tex.

Officials say ouster of Black principal isn't about critical race theory. They're right — it's much worse than that.
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End the monopoly. Let Medicare negotiate drug prices.

How Congress can lower everyone's drug prices.
  • 1 day ago

We’re not posting for Gabby Petito. We’re posting for ourselves.

Something ugly happens when we turn murder into social media content.
  • 1 day ago

A new Texas law fights Big Tech censorship. Last week showed why we need it.

Big Tech has a big problem when it comes to censorship and double standards. Now, Texas is fighting back.
  • 2 days ago

There is no choice between vaccinating Americans and vaccinating the world. We must do both.

That's why we are providing an additional 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to countries around the globe.
  • 3 days ago

Uma Thurman: The Texas abortion law is a human rights crisis for American women

I have followed the course of Texas’s radical antiabortion law with great sadness, and something akin to horror.
  • 3 days ago

Far too many pregnant people remain at high risk of covid-19. It didn’t have to be this way.

Why didn't we trust pregnant people to make decisions about participating in vaccine trials?
  • 3 days ago
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Northern Virginia’s sensible and reasonable decision to impose a tax on plastic bags

Good that three of the largest jurisdictions in Northern Virginia have now finally taken similar action to D.C. to try to protect the environment.

It’s hard to hold police accountable. For federal agents, it’s all but impossible.

Federal agents around the country are beyond the reach of consequences, in civil court. That must change.
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Virginia is leading on ending the broadband divide

Aggressive funding and creative partnerships have helped the state move up its goal of getting high-speed Internet to everyone.
  • 2 days ago

Virginia Democrats’ soft enthusiasm gives Republicans hope

A neck-and-neck race for governor between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin is a potentially ominous sign.

D.C. should commit to telling the whole story of Columbian Harmony Cemetery

Because the city oversaw the removal of D.C.’s most significant Black cemetery, it can surely find the means to help recover the history of those who were buried there.
  • Sep 17

Remembering Virginia’s ‘Forgotten 14’

The long period of silence about African American valor during the Civil War needs to end.
  • Sep 17
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Explaining the debt ceiling in plain English


'Compassion fatigue.' A doctor is tired of Southerners making excuses to not get vaccinated.


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(Ray Whitehouse, Emefa Addo Agawu, Kate Woodsome/The Washington Post)
Crime doesn't have to shape low-income neighborhoods. Fixing blight will help.
Crime doesn't have to shape low-income neighborhoods. Fixing blight will help.
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Police are facing a crisis of legitimacy. This is what is needed to resolve it.
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Mental illness is not a crime. Police should not respond like it is.
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Police do not stop cycles of violence. Communities do.
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