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The baby formula crisis wasn’t a complete disaster. Here’s why.

The response was far from perfect. But it showed that U.S. institutions are still capable of creative thinking, quick action and collaborative spirit.
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Putin says nuclear threat is no bluff. Here are some scenarios.

What are Russia's options? And what would the right U.S. response be?
  • 17 hours ago

Danger lurks after Italy’s shocking election

The West must exercise its influence to ensure Giorgia Meloni sticks to sanctions against Russia.
  • Oct 28, 2020

The GOP’s ‘Commitment’ is to total political warfare

In unveiling their “Commitment to America,", House Republicans might have told Americans more than they intended about what a Republican majority would mean.

Lost in the college-major-regret story: It’s not about the majors

Look deeper at survey results about college-related dissatisfaction and you’ll find something else at the root of the problem.

These signs show that China is starting to crack

China is an economic juggernaut. But the country’s weaknesses increasingly dominate its strengths.

Trump’s tweets were harmful. And just to be clear, Twitter helped.

As we learn from a whistleblower, social media's quandary is our existential threat.

Governments need to realize that the era of economic freebies is over

Britain's tax cuts might be necessary — but there's a price attached now.

The two Howard University women on Trump’s trail

The D.C. college prepared Letitia James and Fani Willis for the legal work ahead.
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To say U.S. abortion rollbacks are in line with Europe is simply wrong

The fact is that most European countries are moving to expand access to abortion, not limit it.
  • 4 days ago

An obscene anti-Mormon chant marks a grim irony in the church’s history

The incident during a football game between the University of Oregon and Brigham Young University offers an ironic lesson about the arc of the church's history.
  • 5 days ago

The proof is in the numbers: 988 will save lives

The emergency number is already showing signs of success. But the work is only beginning.
  • 6 days ago

Lin-Manuel and Luis Miranda: How to get Puerto Rico help now

We call on all our partners in philanthropy, business and the arts to join our family and make direct investments in Puerto Rico.
  • 6 days ago

What’s behind the flight from work in post-pandemic America

The United States has a Depression-scale work problem. The prime-age male work rate is below its 1940 level. Labor-force dropouts are the main reason.
  • 6 days ago
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Covid-19 relief was plagued by fraud. Here is the right response.

Covid-19 relief spending was a godsend for struggling businesses and families. It was also, unfortunately, a boon for scammers seeking an easy payday.

Putin tears at the fabric of nuclear restraint. Words are dangerous, too.

Putin’s nuclear threats are disquieting and irresponsible.

Congress, take the final sprint on Electoral Count Act reform

Congress must prioritize passing something over passing something perfect.

Why handguns are a bad idea on Metro

There are sensible reasons for excluding concealed-carry handguns from crowded transit systems.
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Youngkin risks his political future by boosting Lake

The calculus is that none of it will matter to Virginians. And if it does, they’ll forget it by the time the make-or-break 2023 political season kicks off.

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is a bad deal for Virginia

Youngkin’s decision is part of a plan to reduce energy costs, make our energy competitive, bring new investment into the state and conserve natural resources.
  • Sep 19

New Metro GM: It’s your transit system

The system's capital improvement program reflects the region’s commitment to maintaining and improving our $100 billion transit asset.
  • Sep 16

We can — and should — end hunger before 2030

The White House announced a national Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health. My charity has fed hungry Virginians for almost 100 years. We can help.
  • Sep 16
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Ibram X. Kendi encourages kids to ask difficult questions about U.S. history


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Bring Them Home

An intimate film about the growing crisis of Americans held hostage abroad that follows one family's desperate effort to free their loved one from being a geopolitical pawn.

How Cuba’s investment in writers and artists came back to haunt its regime

In Cuba, hundreds of innocent people are in prison because they dared to demand freedom. Exiles are still fighting from abroad.
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