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With the special counsel concluding his look into Russian involvement in the 2016 election, the attorney general assumes the spotlight.

The president is far from in the clear, but apparently there's not enough evidence to charge anyone with conspiracy to influence our elections. That's good.

It seems the American habit of peppering emails with exclamation points is related to our enthusiasm over almost everything!

Hamstringing primary challengers calls into question just how serious the party of democracy is about the practice of democracy.

Both the regulations — and tradition — dictate that the Mueller report will be released.

The District should acquire the land, but don’t let that become the means to bring back D.C.’s football team.

Rightly or wrongly, farm country has a chip on its shoulder about most Democrats.

Its reputation as a nonpolitical institution would be tarnished.

Encouraged by left-wing activists and the media, Democrats are performing acid tests like lab technicians.

Parts of Obama's approach can be replicated in 2020. But some key parts of the Obama moment are lost in time.

Her secrecy and incompetence have caused lasting damage to Britain.

Whatever happens, it's up to Congress to preserve the court's judicial independence.

Lest we forget, Trump surprised the commentariat before.

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A democracy hidden from the people is no democracy at all.

  • Patrick Leahy
  • ·

I wrote the special counsel regulations. The attorney general can — and should — release the Mueller report

  • Neal Kumar Katyal
  • ·

The progressive left is anti-liberal, and that's causing all sorts of problems.

  • Cathy Young
  • ·

Tani Adewumi’s win is inspiring children all over the world to take up the game.

  • Garry Kasparov
  • ·

While concert halls in the United States go empty, the Chinese are celebrating the genre.

  • Inna Faliks
  • ·
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The major cloud on the economic horizon is likely Trump’s trade wars with sundry countries.

The likely damage to long-term Israeli-U.S. relations is a price Netanyahu and Trump appear happy to accept.

If Democrats truly wish to save the system, their solutions must be clearheaded.

Each cites the other as a rationale to commit violence, meaning that killings will beget more killings.
  • 1 day ago

English professor on how it can change

Eliminating standardized testing would remove the one admissions criterion that can prevent fraud and increase social mobility.

  • Jonathan Wai, Matt Brown, Christopher Chabris
  • ·

History isn't destiny.

  • Matthew Boxer
  • ·

No, the Ivies aren’t America’s most selective colleges.

  • Jerome Karabel
  • ·

What happens when a whole bundle of stereotypes runs for president?

  • Elizabeth Spiers
  • ·

How a shift from communal charity to private foundations empowered individual wealthy funders.

  • Lila Corwin Berman
  • ·

Reproductive rights have become a major flash point in the battle over immigration.

  • Sonia C. Gomez
  • ·

It offers a narrow vision of the activists who fought for equality.

  • Martha S. Jones
  • ·
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High property taxes drive away people, investment and opportunities.

  • Steve H. Hanke, Stephen J.K. Walters
  • ·

The city needs policy changes that address disparate policing and over-incarceration.

  • Tiffany Yang
  • ·

Arts brings people — and their money — to a community.

  • Janet Kopenhaver
  • ·

Anyone who drives the American Legion Bridge knows we need it.

  • Jason Neuringer
  • ·

Access to a competitive energy marketplace makes Virginia attractive to other large companies and allows these companies to manage their electricity needs and sustainability goals.

  • Joe Rinzel
  • ·
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