Baseball is fun in the District these days [“Worst to first,” editorial, Sept. 23]. The Washington Nationals are in first place, attendance is soaring and the city is preparing for post-season play. Many folks deserve credit for the successes of the team. Certainly, Manager Davey Johnson and the players are the linchpins of it all. These young, talented pros make us believe they can win every time they take the field. In addition, the Lerner family and General Manager Mike Rizzo have created a solid player foundation that promises winning teams for years to come.

But another person who deserves recognition for the success of baseball in the city is Anthony A. Williams. As mayor, Mr. Williams battled the D.C. Council and other community leaders to bring baseball back to the city. He was accused of wasting taxpayers’ money, catering to the rich suburbs and ignoring pressing social needs in his quest for a team. Despite these political and personal attacks, he stayed the course and kept his vision of what baseball could mean to the community.

With a successful franchise now in place, it is time to honor his singular contribution. My suggestion would be that the section of Half Street SE between M Street and the center field gate of Nationals Park be renamed “Tony Williams Way.” If this is too much, then it would be a fitting honor for the former mayor to throw out the first pitch of the first playoff game in October. It would be recognition for his role in bringing baseball fans such joy this fall.

Mike Henry, College Park