With all the discussion (finally) about what to call Washington’s Football Team, it’s time to discuss changing another name. Except when I’m limited by the choices provided to me in an online form, I’ve started writing my address as “Washington, C.C.” for “Colony of Columbia.” The correct Zip code still gets everything to me.

I think Washington residents should stop saying they live in D.C., but instead say they’re in C.C. and ask their friends outside the city to do the same. We need publicity for this issue. 

Arlene Halfon, Washington

The Redskins name needs to be put in the context of tradition of an extraordinarily popular sport. I have been rooting for the Washington Redskins for nearly 50 years. As a descendant of New Englanders who fought wars with Native Americans, I feel entitled to a shared history, albeit one of great violence. To me the Redskins are to be hailed, admired and respected, as I hope the team will be under RGIII.

Tom Greco, Alexandria

One option for a Redskins rebranding: the Washington Buckskins.

Evocative of early American life, buckskin was worn in the rugged frontier by all manner of early Americans, both native and transplanted. Perhaps deer-lovers may object, but Washington can keep chanting, “Go ’Skins!”

Mike Violette, Arlington