Churchgoers leave the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Hope in Rapid City, S.D., on Oct. 7. (Ryan Hermens/For The Washington Post)

As a lifelong practicing Catholic, I read the Dec. 2 front-page article “Facing the flock” with interest. It was a fair article, but I wish there had been more follow-up. It didn’t take much to find out what has happened since the Rev. John Praveen was arrested on Oct. 2. In this instance, the Catholic hierarchy, specifically Bishop Robert Gruss, acted appropriately. After Mr. Praveen’s arrest, the bishop and the Diocese of Rapid City, S.D., have tried to cooperate fully with the police. The bishop immediately removed Mr. Praveen from ministry. As of Nov. 17, Mr. Praveen was still in jail as the courts set his bail at $100,000 cash. The Catholic hierarchy gets blasted (as it should) when it attempts to protect pedophile priests and cover up crimes. That is not the case here, and, hopefully, this is a sign that the bishops are getting the message that the laity will not tolerate these coverups leading to additional scandal.

Garrett A. Isacco, Mount Airy