Regarding the Feb. 11 editorial “Return of an unwise wind plan”:

Maryland is in a unique position to benefit from the offshore regional winds in the Mid-Atlantic Bight. The state can be a pacesetter in bringing new wind technology to fruition, along with well-paying jobs. More important, nuclear and natural gas are not renewable energy sources. Nuclear plants are costly to build and, once operational, they require enormous quantities of water and produce waste that is difficult to manage. Natural gas excavation is fraught with numerous issues, including water contamination and overall degradation of the environment. Offshore wind turbines would not be seen from the coastline and would have minimal impact on migratory birds.

This technology has worked well in Europe and should be adopted here. Maryland should accord offshore wind a leading place in its renewable portfolio.

Diana Haskell, Bethesda

The writer is a director of the League of Women Voters of Maryland.