The May 19 article “Loudoun woman charged in her husband’s slaying” about the death of Cpl. Steven Spradling should have been not on the front page of the Metro section but rather in a regional news summary because of its severe shortage of facts.

The Post should not have given so much space to the opinions of the Spradlings’ next-door neighbors, who were both “well-acquainted” with and “afraid” of the victim. Reporting their words was cruel to the Spradling family and friends.

Over a four-year period, I worked with Spradling periodically at the Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority. He was respectful of his peers and the public. Unfortunately, I don’t think attesting to this in a letter will be enough to balance the reporting in that article.

Apparently, the saying “If you can’t say something nice, don‘t say anything at all” is too simplistic for some.

Terrie Minyard,