There are good people among us. When my husband died a year ago, I put on my key ring the engraved pocketknife he received for his retirement. But when I arrived at Dulles International Airport for a recent trip, I forgot to remove the knife.

I was stopped at security for a bag search, and I had no idea what the problem could be. When the Transportation Security Administration agents identified the knife, there was insufficient time for me to return it to my car and still make my flight. In tears, I told the security agent that I would leave and try to get a later flight but that I was not going to lose that remembrance of my husband. The agent said he would mail it to me and took my address, and I made the trip. Of course, I had some doubt that I would see the knife again, but I decided to risk it.

Sure enough, this gentleman — Frank — mailed the pocketknife to me at his own expense (even tracking it). This Christmas, I thank a wonderful TSA employee for his thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

Joan Smith, Cross Junction, Va.