Regarding the March 2 Metro article “Church’s regional board wants Redskins boycott”:

The board of the United Church of Christ (UCC) Central Atlantic Conference no doubt felt secure in passing a feel-good resolution urging congregations in its jurisdiction to boycott Washington Redskins games and products. But a line has been crossed.

Taking the high road of rousing indignation is always a church’s prerogative, but the UCC board is proposing actions that would affect lives and livelihoods. There are undoubtedly church members who serve as ushers or parking-lot attendants at FedEx Field or who work in sports stores. Would a clerk say she won’t sell a Brian Orakpo jersey because she is against his team’s name?

For the Redskins, this proposal is probably but a blip on the screen. For the UCC member who sincerely believes his religious leader has a higher source of wisdom, it may present a serious real-life conundrum.  

Bernard G. Elliker, Laurel