Regarding the Feb. 24 Metro article “Navy vet’s in-state tuition fight advances”:

As a veteran and longtime Virginia resident and taxpayer, I’m outraged by the hassle George Mason University and its counsel, Thomas Moncure, have put Stephanie Kermgard through. This situation is so simple an elementary school student could understand it.

Ms. Kermgard was a Virginia resident, left the state to serve her country on orders from the U.S. Navy and, once her service was completed, returned home to finish her schooling. So what if she got a Washington state driver’s license? I had to get a Louisiana license when I was stationed at Fort Polk, though I was a Virginia resident. And so what if she registered to vote there? She simply wanted to exercise her constitutional right to participate in our democracy during her assignment. Brava for her.

William R. Ritz, Chantilly