Colbert I. King’s June 1 op-ed column, “Four D.C. do-gooders and a miscreant,” described a situation that has long baffled me. There are nonprofits in the Washington region who struggle to get by on shoestring budgets. Countless nonprofit executives go to sleep at night agonizing about how to respond to the growing needs of their clients and keeping their organizations afloat. Mr. King stated that Hope and a Home, Sarah’s Circle, Samaritan Ministry and the Lourie Center are making do with whatever they can scrounge while Medicaid Millionaire (a.k.a. D.C. Chartered Health Plan) can mismanage millions of taxpayers’ dollars. How can this situation be justified? As the story unfolds, disbelief about the extent of abuse at D.C. Chartered Health Plan and the clear lack of oversight and accountability should outrage any observer.

Audrey R. Alvarado, Washington

The writer is interim president of the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington.