I was deeply disappointed that The Post’s article on the “disposition matrix” program [“U.S. set to keep kill lists for years,” front page, Oct. 24] included almost nothing about international law and the immorality of such targeted assassinations. Let’s call them what they are — assassinations. It also did not mention the recent study of the terrifying effect of drone warfare on the lives of the people — innocent people — in the countries where we are using drones. We kill innocent people and we make more enemies with every drone attack. And we have raised the level of hatred and fear of the United States simply by flying these things in their air space. What ever happened to “winning the hearts and minds” of people in foreign countries? I am deeply disappointed in President Obama, and I call on Congress to tell him to stop this endless, immoral, counterproductive war.

Robert L. Boyce III,

Lincoln, Neb.