The Sept. 25 Metro article “Former treasurer to Brown fires back” might have left readers with inaccurate impressions regarding my campaign finances. Here are the facts:

1. Upon discovering that my campaign was the victim of an apparent misappropriation of funds in June, I immediately notified the Metropolitan Police Department and the District’s Office of Campaign Finance and asked for an investigation.

2. I had no knowledge of or involvement in the disappearance of the money, nor did I benefit from it. Anyone who suggests otherwise is not being truthful.

3. After taking over as campaign treasurer, I sought and cooperated in the audit of my campaign account, and I amended the finance reports — corrections that were a result of the misappropriated funds. With the guidance of the Office of Campaign Finance, these corrections are complete, and my campaign has fully complied with the recommendations of the audit.

4. I will continue to help the authorities in any way I can, including by making documents and myself available to the U.S. attorney.

It remains my desire to be open and transparent regarding this unfortunate situation while balancing the limitations of talking about an ongoing investigation. Given the investigation, it would be inappropriate to comment any further at this time.

Michael A. Brown, Washington

The writer (I-At Large) is a member of the D.C. Council.