A picture may be worth a thousand words, but two in the Aug. 22 Post are worth a punch in the gut. The front page shows a horrific, tragic photo of five white-shrouded bodies, adults and children, victims of an apparent chemical weapons attack in Syria [“Syrian regime accused of chemical attack”]. On the next page: Five more bodies, but these are five very alive friends enjoying a spinning fairground ride in Virginia, the photo reprinted from the Aug. 18 Metro section in order to correct a misidentified name. The photos’ similarities are striking; the contrast devastating.

Diane Olsson, Sanibel, Fla.

I am disgusted that The Post would publish images of dead bodies on the front page. Underneath the horrifying picture was a caption explaining that Syrians had displayed these deceased women and children in public. The Post did the same, delivering the picture to our front door for our children to see. The Syrian government should be ashamed. And so should The Post.

Sarah Roque, Alexandria