In his Oct. 4 letter to the editor, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R) put forward a very selective history in his attack on former Virginia governor Timothy M. Kaine (D). He declared that Mr. Kaine is “most responsible” for our current lack of funding for Virginia’s roads because of his amendments to a House bill in 2007.

In stating that Mr. Kaine “ruined our best chance” to improve transportation funding, Mr. Cuccinelli failed to acknowledge or fairly represent that 85 of the 100 members of the House of Delegates and 29 of the 40 senators concurred with the governor’s amendments — greater than 4½ times as many as the 10 senators and 15 delegates who sided with Mr. Cuccinelli. The overwhelming majority of Republicans — and Democrats — voted in favor of the bill, as amended.

It was disingenuous of Mr. Cuccinelli to put the blame on Mr. Kaine. Mr. Cuccinelli is more deserving of blame for not having convinced his colleagues in the Senate that the amendment was “blatantly unconstitutional.”

Madelon Bloom, Arlington