William H. Barkell [A necessary drone policy,” Free for All, Nov. 10] wrote that there is nothing illegal or immoral about the U.S. drone program.

I wonder whether he would feel the same way if Mexico decided that gunrunners from the United States are unlawful enemy combatants, responsible for the thousands of killings in Mexico. Should Mexico have the ability to send drones over U.S. soil to follow the gunrunners and kill them? Could it use missiles to eliminate certain gun shops that it is convinced are responsible for selling the guns? And if people mistaken for gunrunners are killed, or, say, a wedding party taking place next to the gun shop is obliterated, would that be acceptable as collateral damage?

Please remember that legality is the lowest level of behavior acceptable to society. Is that where our value system should be? Might doesn’t make right, even for the United States.

Raymond E. Meyer, Falls Church