In her Nov. 22 Metro column, “Just say yes to drug tests for members of Congress,” Petula Dvorak asked: “Why don’t we drug-test all people who get federal money?” Her outrage over the hypocrisy of an elected politician using illegal drugs is well-placed. But her logic went awry when she condemned the testing of people who receive welfare.

We who work to provide for ourselves and our children and try to live decent and moral lives have every reason to resent having a chunk of our wages taken and given to people who don’t, or won’t, work and who use our money to buy drugs.

Many athletes must agree to drug-testing if they want to compete. People who operate trains, planes, or other heavy equipment must be tested for drugs. Many businesses have drug-testing programs, and the military will not accept applicants with a history of drug use. Doctors and lawyers cannot continue to practice if they use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol. Why is it wrong to expect those who want the rest of us to support them to remain drug-free and agree to be tested to make sure they do?

C.E. Payne, Virginia Beach