The U.S. Capitol at night in 2013. (Pete Marovich/Bloomberg News)

Regarding the Aug. 18 In the Loop column, “Where deadlines are made — and die” [The Fed Page]:

Our regulatory system is badly broken. Federal agencies are unable to implement laws to protect health, safety and the environment and safeguard our financial system in a timely and efficient manner. Regulatory delays cost thousands of lives, result in hundreds of thousands of preventable illnesses and lead to environmental damage that could have been prevented.

Worse, virtually every bill proposed to fix the regulatory system would only exacerbate the paralysis at federal agencies. Deregulatory-minded conservatives in the House and the Senate, backed by industries that prefer to cut corners rather than comply with health and safety laws, have made slowing and shutting down agencies a key pillar of their policy agendas. If they succeed, the public, working families and consumers will continue to pay the price while Big Business reaps the rewards.

Instead of vilifying agencies, Congress should streamline the regulatory process, eliminating excessive, redundant analytical requirements that keep agencies from meeting congressional deadlines but do not improve regulations.

Amit Narang, Washington

The writer is regulatory policy advocate for Public Citizen.