I was upset by the photo chosen for the Sept. 7 front page, showing the assembly of the Group of 20 leaders for their traditional “family photograph.”

In that photo, Russian President Vladimir Putin is confidently striding across a stage while others are smiling and probably paying no attention to him. Except for President Obama: In sharp contrast to the rest, he appears to be subservient, shrunken and diminished. His stance reminded me of Forest Whitaker’s portrayal of a long-serving White House butler in a recent movie.

Perhaps Obama needs to learn to modify his body language in formal settings. More likely, though, this was probably just a fleeting image among many, and it is outrageous that The Post should have selected it to accompany an article on the very important and delicate negotiations involving the United States, Russia and Syria.

Mary-Anne Enoch, McLean

What was puzzling about the Sept. 7 front-page photo was that it showed President Obama with a bowed head. No other head of state appeared that way.

Surely, the wire-service photographer took dozens of pictures, including at least one when the Group of 20 leaders formally posed. So why did The Post choose this one to grace the front page?

The photo presented our president in a less-than-honorable light. Given the challenges he faces internationally, why cast doubt on his abilities by sending subliminal messages of this kind?

Charlotte Stokes, Alexandria