The logo for Uber appears above a trading post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Aug. 16 in New York. (Richard Drew/AP)

Although John Browne made a compelling case in his Aug. 18 Outlook essay, “Five myths: Self-driving cars,” that autonomous vehicles are not the wave of the future, he overlooked that today’s youths are not in love with the car.

Past generations could not wait to learn to drive and own a car. Teenagers today? Not so much. More and more I hear of parents compelling their children to learn to drive. It is considered a life chore, such as learning to swim or which fork to use.

Most teenagers have spent their lives being chauffeured. Uber/Lyft are part of the daily routine. It is only a short jump from a stranger to a self-driving car picking you up. And gone will be the expense and hassle surrounding car ownership.

Karen Bragg, Germantown

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