Regarding the Feb. 22 Metro article “D.C. police honor ‘amazing’ heroes of Navy Yard shootings”:

In September, 57 D.C. police officers risked their bodies and their lives to defend a facility operated by the federal government. Two were hit by gunfire; one of them still managed to return fire and kill the gunman.

Notwithstanding the heroism displayed by our officers, this same federal government continues to deny Washingtonians full voting representation in its legislature. Adding insult to injury, it taxes us.

The American people should be ashamed of this injustice. Washington has always responded. Citizens who shed blood and pay treasure for the nation’s benefit are still left on the outside, looking in. It is high time for our country to make its choice: Either find a way to give the District a vote in Congress or relieve us of all federal taxes.

I especially call on conservatives of the tea party movement to press this issue. The very phrase “taxation without representation” springs from events they supposedly wish to honor. They, of all people, should seek to put fundamental American values into practice, just as our brave police officers do every day.

Representation or no taxation: By all that’s right, there is no third way.

Bill Coe, Washington