Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) on Feb. 23. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) advertise themselves as small-government, free-market conservatives concerned about government waste. But, as the July 27 front-page article “Tech giant, courted by Trump, to build in U.S.” reported, they have carried giveaways to businesses to a ridiculous low. Mr. Walker said the Foxconn factory he wants built in his state would create 13,000 jobs. The economic incentives to Foxconn could total $3 billion, or $230,769 per job created. That astronomical amount of corporate welfare will have to be paid by Wisconsin taxpayers and will leave every other business in the state aggrieved that it didn’t get a similar sweetheart deal.

How big is the giveaway? In Montgomery County, Marriott swung a deal with the county to move its headquarters and 3,500 employees to downtown Bethesda in return for $62 million in tax breaks, or $17,714 per job. That figure is bad enough, but the Wisconsin deal is just breathtakingly stupid and will boomerang on the state if it goes through.

Edward Epstein, Chevy Chase