Regarding Susan Meader Tobias’s March 7 Local Opinions essay, “My father’s gay marriage”:

I would like to offer a very different picture of  a “gay marriage.” I, too, am the daughter of a gay man; my father came out when I was 21. My parents were married for more than 25 years, and not a day went by that they presented anything less than a shining example of love and respect for each other.

My father was a devoted husband who kept his personal struggles to himself and never let my family want for anything, especially his love. My father finally came out to my mother when he had come to the realization that to remain in the marriage was a selfish act, as he could not be the husband my mother truly deserved. To this day, my parents remain each other’s best friend and continue to provide unquestioning love and support to my sister and me.

In my father’s case, marriage to a woman was an example of the wholehearted love, without reservations, that we all hope for in our relationships.

Janette Merrill, Sterling