Regarding Colbert I. King’s Oct. 6 op-ed column, “D.C.’s most unfortunate distinction”:

Sorry, Mr. King, but contrary to your assertion, the grand jury has not served any subpoenas on my campaign organization. And my chief of staff, Estell Mathis-Lloyd, is correct: There are no outstanding issues with my reelection campaign.

Mr. King’s column was off-base in other important ways, as well. Vickey Wilcher did not work on my Democratic primary campaign last year, though she did intend to work for my campaign in the special election held earlier in 2011. However, she declined to do so after she was informed by the D.C. Beverage Association that she could not work for the campaign and maintain her contract with the association. Also, Yvonne Moore is not “a friend” of Ms. Wilcher’s; Ms. Moore is her stepmother.

Ms. Moore, a longtime Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) member, worked for my 2011 special-election organization, representing the campaign in Wards 7 and 8. She was also one of the eight ward coordinators, working in Ward 7. D.C. Board of Election and Ethics records show that Ms. Moore circulated a number of petitions. In addition, she recruited others to circulate petitions and to support the campaign.

Numerous witnesses can attest to the fact that Ms. Moore delivered a passionate speech at my campaign kickoff in the special election in her role as the Ward 7 coordinator. There also was a filmed recording of the event. In addition, Ms. Moore represented the campaign before the Anacostia Coordinating Council, the Ward 7 Democrats, at ANC meetings, and before civic and citizen associations and the community at large. She received the same pay as the other ward coordinators for the campaign.

Vincent Orange, Washington

The writer (D-At Large) is a member of the D.C. Council.