Regarding the April 3 obituary for Jack Pardee, “Linebacker known for work ethic later coached Redskins, 2 other NFL teams”:

In the summer of 1978, when I was a Capitol Hill intern, the U.S. Senate Staff Club held a party with Pardee, then the new coach of the Redskins, as the featured speaker. Soon after Mr. Pardee spoke, my mother (I was her guest) and the rest of the club members moved on to drinks, food, mingling and dancing. All of a sudden, it was just Mr. Pardee and myself talking Redskins football — for more than an hour.

Mr. Pardee and I discussed the team’s roster, offensive and defensive schemes, and, of course, how to beat Dallas. The entire time I was with him, he was focused on my questions and comments; he never looked around, never looked at his watch or made an excuse to leave. He even thanked me for being an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Redskins fan.

Many Washingtonians knew Jack Pardee the player and coach. I did, too, but I also got a glimpse of Jack Pardee the man, who was clearly a warm, kind, decent and patient individual. He made a lasting impression on at least one die-hard, 18-year-old Redskins supporter.

Richard Landon, District Heights