The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise has completed its last cruise and mission in defense of our country, The Post reported [Politics & the Nation Digest, Nov. 5]. The article went on to say that the ship would be “scrapped” on the West Coast. This is a travesty. “The Big E” has served our country well for more than 51 years and is the eighth ship to bear that name. It has proudly flown our flag in ports all over our planet. 

There is an alternative to the scrap pile. I am positive that if the Navy offered the ship to the public as a floating monument, several cities would be glad to have it as a tourist attraction. New York has an aircraft carrier that draws crowds. Wilmington, N.C., has a battleship. The list of possibilities is endless.

Let us come together and ask our Navy to save the big E.

Donald J. Vitale, Colesville