Is John Feinstein’s opinion that the Washington Nationals should let Stephen Strasburg pitch until “his shoulder, elbow or arm are hurting” really a sports issue? [“Strasburg’s situation is simple: If he feels good, let him pitch,” Sports, Aug. 27].

Shortly after The Post printed an article reporting that leading medical experts agree that limiting the workload of this talented young pitcher is sound practice [“The end is near,” Aug. 16], Mr. Feinstein complained that Mr. Strasburg’s agent, Scott Boras, wanted to protect his client’s interest above the Nationals’. According to Mr. Feinstein, not using Mr. Strasburg is a betrayal “to the pitcher, to the team, to the fans and to the city.”

I don’t know Mr. Strasburg, but if he were my friend, I would suggest he heed the medical experts.

Robert Wilson Mobley, Great Falls