The call in the Nov. 23 editorial “Privacy is not partisan” for more congressional negotiation on a national privacy law isolated the practical consequence of further delay. Every day without action, Washington cedes oversight and influence on key privacy questions to Sacramento and the European Union, which have enacted privacy rules that are slowly but surely becoming the de facto standard for the United States and the entire world. Is this what we want?

We’ve arrived at a national reckoning on privacy and consumer protection, but a “hodgepodge” approach would create confusion and leave consumers exposed — exactly what we should avoid. Instead, a national privacy law with a single high standard that protects consumers and applies to all companies operating online will put the United States back in the global pole position — where it belongs. Only Congress can get us across the finish line.

Jonathan Spalter, Washington

The writer is president and chief executive of USTelecom — The Broadband Association.