It was heartening to see three leaders — Brianne K. Nadeau, Ibraheem S. Samirah and Vaughn Stewart, representing the District, Fairfax County and Montgomery County, respectively — lay out a thoughtful argument for changing zoning laws to allow for housing types such as duplexes and triplexes in some areas that are currently zoned for single-family houses [“Single-family zoning doesn’t make sense,” Local Opinions, Feb. 2]. We, as residents in Arlington’s Bluemont neighborhood, agree that our metro area should be among the places that have recognized the negative consequences of single-family zoning on housing availability and affordability, equity and the environment. Making it possible for more families to live in Arlington means we can preserve forests, farmland and waterways in other areas of the Chesapeake watershed.

Our neighborhood is flush with transit access, especially along arterial roads. This makes it possible for people to drive less. This is good for people’s pocketbooks and the environment. More housing options in this community would make it possible for more people to enjoy these benefits without increasing impervious surfaces that contribute to runoff.

As Arlington studies zoning and seeks community input, we urge residents to participate in an open-minded way. Leaders and residents desire communities that are diverse, vibrant, affordable and environmentally responsible. Zoning that would allow for infill/new construction of something other than multimillion-dollar mansions can help meet these desires.

As longtime Arlington residents, we love our community and will advocate reasonable changes that improve the character of the community and are good for our bottom lines and the environment.

Judith Collins, Arlington

Chitra Kumar, Arlington