The Peacemakers as the new name for the Redskins? Great idea. The Colt .45 Peacemaker had a long and venerable history.

How about the helmet logo incorporating images honoring the memory of two men who carried that distinguished piece: The likeness of George Armstrong Custer and a pair of ivory-handled, long-barreled six shooters, a la George S. Patton, crossed beneath.

John C. Daly, McLean

Objecting to the proposed renaming of the Washington Redskins as the Warriors for being too war-like, Leon Schwartz [“ ‘Warriors’ is no improvment,” letters, Jan. 27] suggested renaming the team the Peacemakers. Which Peacemaker did he have in mind? The cannon that exploded aboard the USS Princeton on the Potomac River in 1844? Or the popular Colt Peacemaker revolver? Or maybe even the Convair B-36 Peacemaker bomber?

With all the gun control debates going on, I don’t think Peacemaker is a good choice. Let’s just call the team the Washington Pandas and be done with it. 

Kenneth R. Rice, Washington