Smart policy to successfully take risks off the backs of state and local governments, reward young workers, protect those who periodically change jobs and guarantee that workers get what they were promised helped my pension overhaul plan earn straight A’s — the top grade — from the Urban Institute’s retirement policy arm. The Post highlighted this and the seriousness of the public pension crisis in “Can insurance companies save public pensions?” [Economy & Business, Sept. 12], but it missed the mark when it compared my plan to transactions made by some corporations looking to shed existing pension liabilities.

Rather than transferring existing assets and liabilities to life insurance groups, my plan lets employers buy annual annuity contracts to provide lifetime retirement income for workers’ services going forward. In other words, my proposal helps employers keep pace with their workers. As an employee earns his pension, an employer can adequately fund and secure the pension liability each year. There is no shedding of pension liabilities, just a securing of those obligations as workers earn them.

Orrin G. Hatch, Washington

The writer, a Republican, represents Utah in the Senate.