As eye-catching as the new U.S. Postal Service’s Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge stamp is, it’s alarming to realize that the refuge’s marshlands might be “forever” only on a stamp [“Chesapeake picture now postage stamp,” Metro, Sept. 26]. Blackwater’s vast marshes sit low in the Maryland landscape, where they are threatened by the accelerating rise of the sea level.

Global climate change and unique local factors are responsible for the change that is slowly drowning these iconic marshlands. Fortunately, there is time to help the landscape adapt to the change. National and state policymakers and those who live in the Chesapeake region need to back long-term strategies to help Blackwater’s ecosystem survive through the 21st century and beyond.

If we don’t act now, the only experience that our children’s children might have of these marshes is a canceled stamp image.

Erik J. Meyers, Arlington

The writer is vice president of the Conservation Fund.