How naive does Allen Y. Lew [“D.C. funds will not ‘help finance a new soccer stadium,’ ” letters, Jan. 30] think the residents of Washington are? How do you separate a building from the land it sits on? At the end of the land lease, will the owners of D.C. United put the stadium on a truck and cart it away?

Mr. Lew wrote that the term sheet for the deal includes a lease of $1 a year, though negotiations are ongoing. How do you start lease negotiations at $1? If Mr. Lew thinks the city will do well in such a deal because the land will increase in value, why doesn’t Washington buy all the land in the city and make a fortune? Being in the land business isn’t what democratic government is about.

If D.C. United wants a stadium, let it write a check for the whole thing.

Marvin Chosky, Huntingtown, Md.