The Washington Post building. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

I noted in John Kelly’s July 31 Metro column, “In Va. community, residents pay tribute to their unofficial mayor, a true neighbor,” that boldface type was used to highlight names the first time they appeared. The use of this technique reminded me of a suggestion I sent to The Post some time ago. The intent is to help readers enjoy and learn from articles that recount the interplay among the statements and actions of several people over the course of in-depth and rather lengthy articles (not every article, of course!). The request is that the first occurrence of each person’s name and title be placed in boldface type so that the reader easily can refer back to the initial citations to recall which individual said or did what. On numerous occasions, I have gotten a bit annoyed at having to spend quite a bit of time searching back through text to be sure I am understanding the article correctly.

Evelyn Kiley, Manassas