The May 26 Metro article “What’s Gray’s plan to keep D.C. moving?” did a good job of summarizing Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s Sustainable D.C. plan but did not discuss an obvious omission: the need for sidewalks in D.C. neighborhoods.

Although Goal 2 of the plan is to “expand safe, secure infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians,” the document does not mention adding sidewalks where none exist. In my neighborhood of Hillcrest, there are many streets with either no sidewalks or sidewalks that dead-end, forcing pedestrians to walk in the street.

Requests to the city for sidewalks have fallen on deaf ears, perhaps because sidewalks are not popular with some residents. But neither are bike lanes popular with all residents, yet the city has recognized the necessity of them. If the mayor’s goal of a safe, secure, infrastructure for pedestrians is to be taken seriously, then the plan must include the goal of at least one sidewalk on every street in the city.

Kathy Chamberlain, Washington