A sign at the University of Alaska at Anchorage. (Mark Thiessen/AP)

Regarding the Aug. 15 Politics & the Nation article “University budget deal is reached in Alaska”:

While Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy (R) has seemingly scaled back damage to the University of Alaska by lowering his proposed cuts from $135 million in one year to $70 million over three years, so that University of Alaska President James R. Johnsen can now call the cut “an opportunity to pivot toward the positive,” do not be fooled.

Mr. Dunleavy’s assault on the university and its faculty will undoubtedly be met by a thousand small cuts of passive-aggressive retribution that fly beneath the radar: larger sections and fewer electives, lectures less prepared for, exams made and graded with less effort, apathetic student advisement, perfunctory participation in committee meetings. The diminished university that Mr. Dunleavy creates, though of no apparent concern to him, should be of grave concern to the student body and the citizens of Alaska. 

Peter S. Bernard, Silver Spring

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