Robert McCartney was very “slanted” to the right in his recent Metro column [“Textbook needs to lose its liberal tone,” July 7].

Mr. McCartney asserted that the third-grade social studies textbook used in Frederick County is slanted because it says that all Americans should have access to free health care. Yet nearly every modern country in the world has universal health care, while 33 million Americans lack access to even the most basic health-care services.

It’s also worth asking why Mr. McCartney believes an American hero such as Cesar Chavez, who fought for destitute farm workers when nobody cared about them, is a “liberal icon” and not just an average person who stood up for what was right and led a movement that changed America.  

Eric Crossley, Laurel


Robert McCartney had it wrong when he condemned a social studies textbook for a supposed liberal bias. Textbooks that espouse mainstream values, such as societal responsibility for the health and welfare of all citizens, should not be censored because they fail to conform to Tea Party tenets. The extreme anti-government and libertarian views of the Tea Party should not dictate the lessons taught in school.

Stuart Endick, Burke