Regarding Norman J. Ornstein and Thomas E. Mann’s Sept. 14 op-ed, “Pitfalls of the third-party argument”:

We’ve given extensive thought to creating a way of nominating a presidential candidate and producing a ticket that would govern from the center of American politics, not from the extremes of partisan combat. Here are four key points .

First, America has rarely faced at the same time the kind of economic crisis and political dysfunction we face today. New challenges demand new answers.

Second, sustainable change requires finding common ground, which means creating political institutions that push toward the center. It is true that Americans Elect will nominate only a presidential ticket in 2012, not senators, representatives or state-level candidates. Time is short, so let’s start at the top. The bully pulpit can set the tone for the national debate.

Third, we believe a balanced ticket will be able to govern effectively. A bipartisan governing coalition in the White House, elected by those who are essentially homeless in today’s partisan divide, will have a better chance of breaking the gridlock in Congress than either of the major parties.

Fourth, our polling shows that 57 percent of voters want to see a viable third choice presented to them. That means that virtually every state is up for grabs.

So instead of bemoaning gridlock and then bemoaning, change too, we invite all registered voters to join us as delegates in the first-ever online convention, and summon the best of ourselves and of America.

Tom Sansonetti and Chris Arterton, Washington

The writers are co-chairs of the rules committee of Americans Elect.