The March 14 news article “Activists call for ouster of Montgomery County planning director” reported on the growing backlash against Rollin Stanley for referring to those who challenge his views as “rich white women.” The article noted that Planning Board Chair Francoise Carrier issued a statement saying, “This board does not take lightly the potential implications of his words, and we will be taking appropriate corrective action.”

The board’s “corrective action” must be swift and severe.  Mr. Stanley’s remarks demonstrate a disdain for the established policies of the Planning Board and the spirit of civic engagement that has long been a source of pride for Montgomery County. His imperious treatment of concerned citizens, if left unchecked, threatens to undermine our democratic processes.

Last month, Mr. Stanley wrote on his blog, “I welcome hearing from residents where they think we can do better in their neighborhoods.” Yet when those residents dare to speak up in open forums with opinions that differ from his, he responds by publicly smearing them.

Now that’s rich.

Brian H. Kildee, Silver Spring