Regarding the Dec. 15 news article, “After 11 days of talks, a climate agreement”:

Delegates from more than 190 countries worked for two weeks in Lima, Peru, to produce the framework of a climate-change accord to be signed by world leaders in Paris next year. Regrettably, Taiwan was excluded from this discussion and related mechanisms, even though the island nation is one of the leading economies in the world, is a thriving democracy in East Asia and is willing to commit to reducing its carbon emissions.

The exclusion of Taiwan from the global summit not only runs counter to efforts to address climate change but also cuts Taiwan out of the information loop and leaves it open to the effects of natural disasters.

Let Taiwan join the action so that it can contribute to climate change dialogue on the global stage.

Grace Wang, Sterling

The writer is adviser to the Taiwan Benevolent Association of America.

Any agreement among diplomats is a big step forward, but the Lima agreement kicks the can only a short way down the road. How about a scientific summit instead?

One diplomat pointed toward a fix: a project to capture carbon dioxide at the source, split it and store the unusable part.

Arnold F. Klick, Mitchellville